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Hunting, fishing and nature preservation

Date Added: September 01, 2009 02:12:55 PM
Author: Hunting-Fishing-Directory
Hunting, fishing and nature preservation

Hunting and fishing are two of the oldest human activities. Today, hunting and fishing are mainly sport-oriented, and excepting the industrial fishing, they are considered to be leisure activities.
It is important that these two activities won’t cause nature imbalances and won’t affect the ecosystems which are already very sensitive. 

It is desired that the medium and long-term management of hunting and fishing to be done on a rational basis and to have good effects over the environment and not to affect it. 

The protection of game and fish species must be done in several ways, like: 

• Limitation of harvesting and also of the harvesting periods in both hunting and fishing areas 
• Population of the areas where some species disappeared or diminished 
• Supplementary feeding in the periods when the nature’s food is diminished 
• Increased watching of the hunting and fishing areas in order to reduce illegal activities
• Increased number of programs dedicated to the rare and endangered species protection and conservation
• Control of the pollution and creation of a cleaner environment All these can lead to a future harmony of the planet, its fauna and environment.

The environment is the most precious asset of mankind.


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